Our Teacher

Harsha Sharma: Hatha Yoga

Harsha Sharma has over 10 years experience in yoga, meditation, wellness and mindfulness training. He loves to teach it in our yoga teacher training courses, and he is well known for inspiring his students to love Osho meditation too. He is a qualified personal trainer.

Rajeev Mehra: Hatha & Iyenger Yoga Style

Rajeev is a senior teacher at Yoga, passionate about Yoga and energy work. He continuously teaches classes in Rishikesh, Rajeev is a well-known and respected yoga Master in India. He completed his teacher training a Sivananda ashram. To our trainees he teaches advanced yoga asana and meditation sessions.

Ravi dixit: Hatha Yoga Trainer

Ravi dixit is originally from kanpur (U.P- Utter-Pradesh India) but is nowadays mainly teaching in Rishikesh. He shows a positive behaviour through his entire knowledge and has a longtime experience in teaching anatomy and yoga therapy, always eager to forward his knowledge to the students.